Benefits of Massage Therapy

The Benefits of  Shiatsu Therapy

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What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is a manipulative therapy developed in Japan and incorporating techniques of anma (Japanese traditional massage), acupressure, stretching, and Western massage. Shiatsu involves applying pressure to special points or areas on the body in order to maintain physical and mental well being, treat disease, or alleviate discomfort. This therapy is considered holistic because it attempts to treat the whole person instead of a specific medical complaint. All types of acupressure generally focus on the same pressure points and so-called energy pathways, but may differ in terms of massage technique. Shiatsu, which can be translated as finger pressure, has been described as needle-free acupuncture.

Shiatsu has a strong reputation for reducing stress and relieving nausea and vomiting. Shiatsu is also believed to improve circulation and boost the immune system.
Some people use it to treat:

  • Diarrhea, Indigestion, Constipation and Other Disorders of the Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Menstrual and Menopausal Problems
  • Chronic Pain
  • Migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Toothache
  • Anxiety and Depression

 Shiatsu can be used to relieve muscular pain or tension, especially neck and back pain. It also appears to have sedative effects and may alleviate insomnia. In a broader sense, shiatsu is believed to enhance physical vitality and emotional well being.

How does shiatsu heal the body system?
Shiatsu is effective because it deals with the body as a whole component. The shiatsu therapists believe that everything in the body is connected and each organ influences other organs. When the human body is healthy and the system as a whole works correctly this means that there is a great harmony of energies flowing inside the body through the meridians.

The primary philosophy in Shiatsu is that important energy (known as chi in Japan) flows throughout the body in a series of funnels known as meridians. The shiatsu meridians are channels where the chi is flowing in order to maintain a good life balance.

The shiatsu therapist will work out on the blocked chi in the meridians to balance the flow of the energy.
Shiatsu helps to heal such conditions as back pain, headaches and migraines, whiplash injuries, neck stiffness, joint pain and reduced mobility. Other benefits of shiatsu massage therapy are that it cures menstrual problems, digestive problems, asthmatic symptoms, sports injuries and depression.

Shiatsu massage therapy makes use of the traditional all known acupuncture points in healing but instead of using needles the shiatsu therapist uses hands, fingers, elbows and knees to work on acupressure points. The meridian system provides life-sustaining energy to every life important organ of a human body. Finally it is all connected in one system that connects all the organs, tissues and cells in the body. Stimulating the meridian points, internal organs can be influenced and this is the basis of understanding of how shiatsu massage therapy works.

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